Step 2

Choose your extras:

Bespoke the shizzle out of those snaps with our amazing extras including guestbooks, boomerang GIFs and more!

"I love our guestbook it's totes awesome"

Bespoke photo strips

Want a unique style and design on your photo-strips? Wretch and Rascal believe in full individuality and can make the design of your pictures as unique as you and your event. Why not stick your brand all over the shop

Double up on prints

Wretch and Rascal love seeing double and your guests will too! One set for them and one set for you in a guest book or photo wall.

Boomerang GIFs

We are not going all surfing and kangaroo on you but are talking about GIFs with a little bit more. In a forwards and reverse loop opposed to a start to finish of the traditional GIF enhances the quirkiness and comedy.

Want a guestbook?

An instant nostalgia-driven piece of treasure! Wretch and Rascal will encourage your guests to get all Blue Peter on us with coloured pens, paper, tape, stickers, glue and glitter to create mini works of art. The result is a guestbook to be proud of.

Animated GIFs

Want to get all animated on us? Wretch and Rascal can take some rapid fire pictures gel them together and the result is a sharable animation that you can social media the shizzle out of

Extra running time

Time flies when you are having fun and sometimes four hours are just not enough. Wretch and Rascal can offer extra hours, days and even weeks if needed

Fussy Rascal? No problem

None of the themes tickle your specific and individual fancy? Do not worry as Wretch and Rascal love a creative collaboration. Together we can create a bespoke masterpiece that will be the envy of all your guests.