fancy clowning around?
Banner clown apache photo booth weddings events london leicester midlands wretch rascal
Blow your own trumpet!
photo booth wretch rascal leicester midlands london
Get on set!
photo booth open wretch rascal leicester midlands london
Style it out... Pick those props...
photo booth wedding events leicester london midlands
Think outside the booth...
photo booth events weddings london midlands wretch rascal
Foxy flashiness!
photo booth wretch and rascal fox weddings events
All you pretty things...
photo booth wedding events london leicester midlands wretch rascal pineapple
omg! Has that guy got a panda for a head?
Panda head photo booth weddings events london leicester midlands wretch rascal
photo booth weddings events leicester london midlands wretch rascal let it snow
I say old chap... fancy a game of tennis?
Anyone for tennis photo booth weddings events london leicester midlands wretch rascal
Pose and pose and pose and pose...
Photo booth wretch rascal london leicester midlands strip nautical
FYI... the pirate wrestler look is so hot right now...
Pirate wrestler photo booth weddings events london leicester midlands wretch rascal
Oh what big teeth you have...
Red riding hood photo booth weddings london leicester midlands wretch rascal
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For hire

Theatrical Photo Booths

Wretch and Rascal have pledged never to be confined to a small traditional photo-booth with limited props. They want a full theatrical experience where guests are fully immersed in the lunacy from the start. From the giddiness of the ‘dress up’ within one of their inspiring themes to one of their league of attendants bringing out the superstar in all. Wretch and Rascal will always think outside the booth.

Step 1

Cultivate your theme

Choose one of these sets of genius to enhance your narrative for complete participant submersion:

The Ziggy Electric Ballroom

On a planet far far away, in a Galaxy not so different from our own, the space party to beat all space parties is kicking off! Not a rave but a light speed happening. Ziggy watches over the retro-pop mash-up with a star-dust twinkle in his deviant eye.

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Into the woods

To little red riding hood’s horror, the big bad wolf has whisked grandma off for a shotgun wedding, Prince charming has toad envy, Rapunzel is having a bad hair day and the wicked fairy’s hunger for gingerbread is leaving a few of the wood’s residents legless!

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Lola's Snazzy Jazzy Speakeasy

Once being the most prolific show girl on the burlesque circuit, Lola invites you to one of the most roaring and notorious nights out. The whole world has been invited and promises to give a magnificent, multi-cultural, sequined showy experience.

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Gordon's Garden Party

Gordon hosts some killer vintage garden parties where all are invited to partake in a spot of tea. Alice has gone AWOL but the tea party must go on! Does anyone fancy a brisk ride on Frisky Lad? A gentlemanly game of tennis? Or perhaps a flamingo croquet match?

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The Beatrice Barnacle

Calling all salty sea dogs. Voyage across the Seven Seas and catch a fish or two and row row row your boat! Remember be a good deck hand or Long John Silver will make you walk the plank, and there is something in the deep blue that has been circling the ship for hours...

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Mile High Airways

Is it a bird? A Plane? Yes it is Mile High Airways! Come fly with Wretch & Rascal and party on top of the world. Whether you are a Top Gun, a Biggles or a Captain 'Winkle' Brown ensure you know where your nearest exit is...

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"the most memorable photos ever!"
Gordon's garden Party
Step 3

Get it booked!

Get in touch with us and we’ll be there with bells on! Our basic package includes:

  • Full delivery & set up
  • 3 hours of photo foppery
  • Choice of theme and props
  • One of the Wretch & Rascal league of attendants
  • Unlimited snapshots printed at the event
  • Standard 4' x 6' photo layout
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"So glad I booked... the photos are top banana"
Mouse and Ram on a tandem bike


Wretch and Rascal have pledged to make everything they touch turn to dazzling and breathtaking wedding gold.


Are you a Fan of an alfresco movie? Some rabble rousing bingo? An underground overground speakeasy picnic? Not sure yet? You will be!

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